I had a friend say to me that writing a book would be like a well to your soul.  And that has stuck in my mind because that is exactly what it is.  One day, when my book is finally in print there is a poem in it that I wrote entitled “Roots”.

I had the privilege of seeing this beautiful ranch with a tree that is over 400 years old and it’s limbs so massive that they almost reach the ground.  The story is that this tree is so massive and strong and continues to flourish because there is a natural spring that runs below it.  She explained how because of this spring that the tree has constant water for it to grow and that it’s roots are constantly fed for it to continually grow.  That is exactly how God’s word is to us, it is a living spring that if we continue to absorb it, read it, study it and allow God to work in us we will grow, stand strong and have roots to see us through the many trials here on earth.  I love this analogy and look forward to you reading this poem in the book.



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