Fruit Kolaches


I grew up eating Bessie’s amazing fruit kolaches.  She no doubt is a living icon of women living almost a century ago.  She is 95 years old and going strong.  I am always in awe at her spunk and love of gardening, farming and baking.  She was very close to my grandmother and they were related through marriage.

The recipe for these kolaches have been passed down for many generations.  I made these kolaches yesterday and love the thought of how many times this recipe has been made.  The recipe will be in my cookbook and I hope you will give it a try!!

Make a point to talk to someone in their 90’s because it is amazing the stories they have to share.  I take a notebook and write things down because the generation of their era is fading.  Slow down and make a point to learn something new from someone with great history.

Happy baking and learning new recipes!

1 thought on “Fruit Kolaches”

  1. I love this story of Bessie. She reminds me of my late mother-in-law, Fran, who lived to be 98 and gave our family much joy. This is such sound advice, Tina. Thank you.


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