Farm House Restoration

Farmhouse Days 11 & 12


Yesterday was Day 11 at the farmhouse and Brion and I were the only workers.  We peeled the wallpaper from the bathroom and I removed hinges from the kitchen and cleaned off old paint.  Hint:  Boil in water for 10-15 minutes and it comes right off.  Today was Day 12; the upstairs ceilings are complete with new recessed lighting, just need to paint.  Outside getting more prep for painting and the addition was measured out.  The house was insulated today also which will make a big difference on heating and cooling!!Moving right along!!

Lovin’ the Farm Life!!

#simplysouthernfarmhouse                                                                                        #livinthefarmlife                                                                                                                           #farmlife                                                                                                                                                 #gatherhere                                                                                                                              #homesweetfarm                                                                                                                         #welcometothefarm

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