His Story


My grandfather, Eddie Broz, is currently living at the age of 95 years old.  I wanted to honor his life and share with you His Story.  It is one of sacrifice for all of us and gives true meaning to the phrase “Freedom is Not Free”.  Here is his story:

Eddie Broz, also known as Grandpa Broz, grew up in Bleiblerville, Texas and did farming.  He was baptized and is a believer in His Lord Jesus Christ.  He attended a school called Germania which also served as a church.  He met the love of his life at a local dance.  My grandmother, Marie Broz, was raised in Kenney, Texas.  My grandpa was a provider for his family and a loving husband, father and grandfather.  I never heard him say a negative word about my grandmother and he expressed how much he loved her all the time.  I never heard him raise his voice to her and he always praised everything she did especially her cooking.

He received notice in 1944 for him to have a physical done.  He was then drafted for training and sent to fight in the war.  He served in the Army at the age of 21 years old.  He and my grandmother had been married for 3 months when he left for France where he did training for 3 months.

The war left a scar on him that he still re-lives to this day.  His war story in his words:  “I was on the frontline of battle for a week before being injured.  We didn’t know what we were really doing or why we were even doing it.  We just did what we were told.  We were out in the woods just as if you were deer hunting only to know that hundreds of German soldiers were out hunting to kill you.  I was in a fox hole and something hit me, it was shrapnel.  The medics came but had nothing to carry me out.  I waited and the next medic didn’t have anything either.  A big soldier came and helped me limp all the way back to the medic camp.  I saw things people should not see, my friends and comrades losing theirs arms, legs, heads all right in front of me.”

My grandfather spent 11 months and 19 days total in the military and he and his brothers all made it back alive.  He spent 3 months in a France hospital and then transferred to California.  He was ultimately honored with the purple heart.

He was married for 72 years at the time of death of the love of his life in 2016.  A true testament to the sacrament of marriage.  He served his country, worked hard and never asked for anything from anyone and loved the woman he committed to marry until death do part and that is more than most people can accomplish in a lifetime.  He is my hero.

Our Freedom is Not Free.  Many young men and women gave and continue to give their lives so that you and I can freely worship God and enjoy a life of opportunities.  Many veterans are scarred for life of the horror that war leaves on each of them.  We stand for the flag because it means something, because it is personal, because we love and cherish people who are and were willing to risk their lives to make ours better, and for the principles in which our country was founded.

I would be remiss if I didn’t conclude with the acknowledgement that there was an ultimate price paid for each of us.  His Story-Jesus Christ.  God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross so that each one of us could have eternal life with Him.  John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Freedom Is Not Free



3 thoughts on “His Story”

  1. Thank- you for this! This is truly his story, and he has told it many times over, and again! I had to read in parts, holding back the tears, and really taking to heart, what this man has given and gone through for his country and family…..as have so many others. He is a hero , but, more than that, he’s my DAD❣️

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  2. Tina, thank you for sharing this about your grandfather. It brought tears reading about him and you and your family are so fortunate to still have him with you. Memories forever. God bless you and your entire family.

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