Unspeakable Joy Devotional

1.18 Twenty19


Tragedy to Triumph

What will you do when God says No?

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, wo have been called according to His purpose”.

One of the best personal testimonies I have watched and read is that of Inky Johnson.  Inky Johnson was a football player with the University of Tennessee on his way to be drafted to the top 30 picks of the NFL.

Inky was dedicated to football and making it to the NFL was his entire life.  Eight games away from the NFL draft, he made a tackle and hit a guy hard.  He went down and was taken to the hospital.  That night, the doctor came in and said he had to have surgery or he would die.  He was bleeding internally.  His right arm permanently paralyzed.  From age 7-20 years old, all the sacrifice, dedication, and commitment came down to one moment.  The next morning the NFL dream was gone, the only thing he ever wanted.  From living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 14 people and to see that dream slip away.  Inky said but “shall I limit God to only that?”  He had placed his entire identity in football.  He says he hears people say if I get this then I will be ________, if I get this amount of money then I will be _______.  Eight games away and God said no, go this way, I have something else for you and it’s better, something more fulfilling to carry you for the rest of your life.  Being back stage before a speaking engagement he feels the same excitement as in the tunnel before running out of the stadium.  He lives his life according to what God has done.  Inky marvels at the things he has seen God do not only in his life but all the people around him, and “you can’t put a price on that“.  People always say “why did this have to happen to me?”  Good people go through some tough stuff.

At a certain point in your life you will hit something that will test your level of faith.  Inky continued by saying “stay true to your belief because one day it gets wiped out-will you stay true to it?”  His father got saved because of his injury and his three boys who were all drafted to the first NFL round.

He devotes much of his time now mentoring athletes, underprivileged youth and is a motivational speaker at schools, community centers and ceremonies throughout the United States.

We know what to do when God says yes, when we are blessed, and prayers answered but what will you do when God says No?

“He will not leave us in the misery of our disappointment, because he has not finished the work he started in us”.  Philippians 1:6

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