1.31 Twenty19


Be planted to grow.  I recently authored a cookbook and in it I wrote the following poem:




Though leaves fall
And branches break
The tree grows tall
And roots take their stake

We too may take a fall
And promises we break
Our faith grows tall
And God’s word is our stake

The rain is engulfed by the ground
A spring of water it creates
The living water for the roots is found
The tree grows and its beauty abounds

God’s word is poured into our mind
It is a spring of hope and love
For now our hearts are pure and kind
And glistening white and pure as doves

The roots of the tree
Stay strong with the living spring
We too have roots for all to see
God’s living Word in us shall we cling.

I visited with a friend a few years ago and she gave me an illustration of a tree in her back yard that was over 400 years old and acorns lie blanketed around it. The view was so amazing of this huge tree with branches lying on the ground holding it up and in the back a huge pond with beautiful rolling hills. She shared that each little acorn can be a tree just like this one. If each acorn is planted and their roots are grounded and there is water to supply the tree, it will continue to live and grow. You see under this tree is a natural spring that supplies water to this tree and to the pond that remains full. The point of this illustration is we are like the thousands of acorns on the ground by this tree. We should strive to be a seed planted in the soil of God’s word, which creates solid roots and then fed with the living water of Jesus that continually give us the ability to grow.

Strive to be the seed planted in “good soil” where you may grow, take root, and thrive in God’s living water-His Word.

Ezekiel 17:8 “It had been planted in good soil by abundant water so that it would produce branches, bear fruit and become a splendid vine”.



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