Grandview Farmhouse

Grandview Farmhouse


We became the proud owners yesterday of this amazing property.  I am calling it the Grandview Farmhouse because the property has such special, grand views!  Having amazing views and property with privacy is such a gem to find.  We are excited to renovate this farmhouse property.  It is located between Brenham and Bellville in the rolling hills of Austin County, Texas.  It sits on 25 acres and has trees, views and a really nice barn that sits on concrete with an apartment inside to boot.  Follow this blog or our Facebook Page “Grandview Farmhouse” to watch our renovations take place.  We are so blessed that God has allowed this farmhouse to come into our hands for us to renovate.  #Godsblessings #farmhousereno #grandviewfarmhouse #rollinghills #views #wherethecowsthinkitsheaven

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