Unspeakable Joy Devotional

March 31.2019


Broken Hallelujah by The Afters. This song is really great-how many of us feel like our Hallelujah is broken? The definition of Hallelujah is an expression of worship or rejoicing. Here are the words to the song:

I can barely stand right now
Everything is crashing down
And I wonder where You are
I try to find the words to pray
I don’t always know what to say
But You’re the one who can hear my heart

Even though I don’t know what your plan is
I know You’re making beauty from these ashes

I’ve seen joy and I’ve seen pain
On my knees, I call Your name
Here’s my broken hallelujah
With nothing left to hold onto
I raise these empty hands to You
Here’s my broken hallelujah

You know the things that have brought me here
You know the story of every tear
‘Cause You’ve been here from the very start

When all is taken away
Don’t let my heart be changed
Let me always sing hallelujah
When I feel afraid
Don’t let my hope be erased
Let me always sing hallelujah

I will always sing
Here’s my broken hallelujah

When the group, The Afters, got together to write this song so many things were going on in their lives. They thought about the story of Job. “We talked about if we lost everything, how would that affect us? Job loses more than many of us can ever comprehend losing and in his pain he drops to his knees and worships God.”

Read Psalm 149:

“Hallelujah! Sing a new song to the Lord. Sing his praise in the assembly of godly people. Let Israel find joy in their creator. Let the people of Zion rejoice over their king. Let them praise his name with dancing. Let them make music to him with tambourines and lyres, because the Lord takes pleasure in his people. He crowns those who are oppressed with victory. Let godly people triumph in glory. Let them sing for joy on their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their throats and two-edged swords in their hands to take vengeance on the nations to punish the people of the world, to put their kings in chains and their leaders in iron shackles, to carry out the judgment that is written against them. This is an honor that belongs to all his godly ones. Hallelujah!”

Our Hallelujah is broken at times, but we should be on our knees, call out to Him and raise our empty hands to Him.  And give our Hallelujah even if it is broken.

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