Unspeakable Joy Devotional

September 20th


Our love of things. We’ve recently seen another onset of how devastating too much rain can cause for people. I was looking back and saw something my daughter wrote this day in the year 2016: “Next time you come to anger over a materialistic thing, think about the people that lose everything. In 1 Timothy it talks about how we brought nothing into the world and one day we won’t be taking it with us, and therefore those things should not be what makes us happy. We may be on the verge of giving up when things we don’t understand happen, but the Lord creates everything even disasters for His purpose. I hope that going to help those affected by the floods in Louisiana this past weekend, showed others just how amazing His love is….”@aggiebsm (by Claire Reue Breitschopf – this was through a ministry effort while she was at Texas A&M)

1 Timothy 6:6-7 “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.”

Wealth can intoxicate the minds and the hearts of this world, and here we see Paul cautioning a young Timothy to be vigilant against the love of money in the Church. What is true gain for the people of God? For the believer, it is something far superior to earthly comfort and material possessions. Our gain has nothing to do with our “stuff” and everything do to with His sufficiency.

If ‘godliness with contentment’ is great gain, how do we obtain it? In all things, we look to Christ! The longer we look upon Him, the more we see that He is all that we will ever need. He is sufficient for all circumstances. Our wants become limited as we behold His limitlessness. We become more like Him and act more like Him as we are deeply satisfied in Him. This is godliness with contentment, and it has eternal, everlasting value.

How many of us run out our days building up our own kingdom rather than the never-ending Kingdom of God? Just as a baby has never been born holding a billfold, we will leave this world without a single earthly treasure in our grip. Paul longs for the Church to live in light of this truth. We are called to things of eternal value and eternal worth! We are called to godliness with contentment. We must be more attached to Christ than to material things, for He alone will prove sufficient in the end.

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